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Telco Partner

Lesa’s Telephone Services Ltd has been providing Telecommunication Solutions in Samoa since 1989 our Experienced & dedicated Team of local Professionals can assist you with all your Telco needs. From Structural Cabling, Network Termination and Solutions, IT consultation solutions and Support , IP PBX Systems, Security NVR Systems , Internet Connectivity and much more. We have Partnered with Industry Leaders to provide the best Quantity, Reliability and Cost Effective Solutions to match your budget.  We have the Wireless infrastructure located in both Upolu and Savaii to meet your needs.

IT Support & Solutions

At LTS we implement industry proven practices with new technologies to provide complete IT Packages and Solutions. They are practical, cost effective and focus on the end users experience, providing that competitive edge over your competition.

IT is an operationally critical function for all Business and organisations now, Investing in our qualified, dedicated and experienced IT team to provide onsite IT support and backup is key to preventing those timely interruptions to Core services, that could impact your operation and cost you more money trying rectify later. Our Local team of Experienced Technicians & Engineers can support you throughout and beyond the digital transformation journey and moving forward.

Data cabling

Lesa’s Telephone Services is a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of voice, security and data cabling. With Decades of Experience and qualified Technicians to implement your cabling needs, from adding an additional wall socket to upgrading your core data networks, we do it right and to International industry standard’s every time(ANSI/TIA/EIA-568).

Your Data Cabling is the foundation of your Business, with voice, security and IT infrastructure it should be done the right way and to standard. Don’t go with cheap cabling solutions that will end up costing your business more money and most importantly valuable time down the track trying to fix problems. LTS with a Team of trained and experienced experts will do the job properly, professionally and to industry standard, every time while keeping within your budget.
So do it once, and do it right with Lesa’s Telephone Services Ltd, Samoa own Telco partner.

PBX Systems

Whether you’re starting a new business or just looking to grow, a PBX system is an excellent addition to your business. A Private Branch Exchange System (PBX) is a great way for you to be able to communicate internally with your company as well as being able to communicate externally with the outside world.

A PBX system is used to manage the routing and advanced calling features in a network, often they use the internet instead of standard telephone lines to provide many different features you don’t have on a regular phone system. Some of the benefits of PBX systems include; being able to manage and complete calls on specific pre-programmed schedules, transferring calls between users, customise greetings, operate a call center, connect multiple office locations and many other benefits.

So if this sounds like something that could benefit you and your business, get in touch with us now so we can work with you to develop a PBX system ideal for you.

Internet Services Provider

LTS is one of the longest operating Internet Service Provider in Samoa through  our own ISP ‘LesamoaNet’. We are connected through to the new High Speed Tui –Samoa Fibre(8Tbps). We offer a large range of Internet Services and Plans to meet your specific business or Residential needs. We can provide a range of open source solutions, such as Servers, Mail  Exchange, Firewalls and more. All our Server solutions are based on Unix open Source  platform & software, to keep you well within your budget and saving on those expensive monthly license costs.

Our Internet Services are available from Apia, Upolu to Salelologa, Savaii and between.  Call us for a free consultation.

Printers - Office Spec and Heavy Production Press

LTS has a large range of Printers/copiers, from Monochrome to full colour, Small A4 Desktop to Full digital Production Press SRA3/A4 & Wide Span. We stock all the consumables, Toners Drums etc for our Brands and we support and Maintain these machines.

We have buy outright and Leased options available, and for those on budget restrictions we also have ex-leased A3/A4 Printer/copiers available, which are in excellent condition and undergo a pre-prep in NZ before being released to us.

Our Brands Fujifilm (formally Fuji Xerox)

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